Wrapping up our First Raise

Our first equity crowdfunding campaign has successfully wrapped! We’re thrilled to welcome 111 new shareholders. In the end, we surpassed our goal and raised $428,081. Now, we’re putting these funds to work! We’re growing our team to keep up with demand, developing our platform to deliver the best possible product and continue to innovate.  It’sContinue reading “Wrapping up our First Raise”

Ecommerce or Not Ecommerce? That is the Question.

First of all, how are we spelling “ecommerce”? There’s e-commerce, ecommerce, and eCommerce… But which is correct? As of now, there’s no clear consensus across the board. Because it is a relatively new word, though it is in the dictionary, organizations across the world tend to pick their own preferred spelling. So for the restContinue reading “Ecommerce or Not Ecommerce? That is the Question.”

A New Approach to Partnership Programs in the Payments Industry

Learning from traditional partnership programs in the payments industry, Peloton has established its own improved model with an emphasis on positive long-term relationships. VICTORIA, January 19, 2022 – Peloton Technologies Inc. is announcing the launch of its partnership program. This announcement comes after extensive work ensuring the model would help forge strong, mutually beneficial partnerships leveragingContinue reading “A New Approach to Partnership Programs in the Payments Industry”

Why We Chose Equity Crowdfunding

What is equity crowdfunding? We’ve all seen the power of crowdfunding in its various forms work for numerous successful projects, companies, and more. The premise of crowdfunding is the same across the board: rather than seek out a single large sum, numerous people (i.e. the crowd) contribute smaller amounts. In some forms of crowdfunding, investorsContinue reading “Why We Chose Equity Crowdfunding”

Think Payments First: Part V

Be proactive with your payments There are all sorts of problems you’ll face running your new business. Questions you never thought you would need answers for. How you go about finding solutions is some of the fun (though let’s be honest, sometimes it doesn’t feel like fun) When it comes to payments, sometimes the reactionaryContinue reading “Think Payments First: Part V”

Think Payments First: Part II

Planning payments first At the beginning of building your business, you’re going to be making a lot of plans. It’s easy to get swept up with exciting details. While you’re thinking about those details, Here’s our PSA: Think payments first, then think about the rest. Your initial business plan and market research have some heavyContinue reading “Think Payments First: Part II”