Here are some Frequently Asked Questions. For in-depth how-tos, please visit our new

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The Peloton Portal

What is the Peloton Portal?

The Peloton Portal provides an overview of all your accounts with a new and enhanced interface. Everything was redesigned to give you quicker and more intuitive access to your payment tools. The portal also offers new reporting tools and better user management to allow you to provide the right access to each member of your team. Simply put, it’s the easiest, most efficient way to manage your payments.

How do I log in?

Log in to My Account and click on the Peloton Portal button on the home page to start the transition (not to worry, all of your transactions and information will be carried over). If you’re already signed up for the Peloton Portal and have forgotten your password, click on the “Forgot Password?” button to reset your password.

If you don’t have a Peloton Portal login, please contact support@peloton-technologies.com

How do I request a login?

Please send an email to support@peloton-technologies.com along with your First Name, Last Name and the Company Name. We will be happy to create a login for you.

Will I lose the information that I had in the previous My Account portal?

No. You’ll find all the information that was available in My Account in the new Peloton Portal, including your transaction history, cards, bank account, and schedules previously created.

Can I use my old username to access the new portal?

No, you will need new user credentials to access the Peloton Portal. To request a new login, send an email to support@peloton-technologies.com along with your First Name, Last Name and the Company Name.

Can I connect to my accounting software?

Yes! Currently, we’re supporting Quickbooks & Xero. Please contact sales@peloton-technologies.com for more.


What is the difference between user roles?

Roles are groupings of privileges. The Administrator has access to all features and settings of the Peloton Portal. The Standard role gives the user access to all the features and limited access to settings such as editing users. The Limited role only allows the user to view the information available in the portal. You can find all the details of the privileges assigned to each role by clicking here.

Can I adjust the limits on a user that processes transactions?

Yes, though you will need to be logged in as an account administrator. For security reasons, $30,000 is the highest limit that can be set in the portal. If you need a higher limit, please contact our support team at support@peloton-technologies.com.

Credit Cards

Can I manually process a card transaction?

Yes, and you can do so for both cards that are and are not on file.

Can I add and edit a credit card or save my customer’s credit card?

Yes, in the Manage and Card sections. You can also schedule credit card payments and run pre-authorizations.

What is the difference between “Purchase” and “Pre-authorize” when processing a card transaction?

“Purchase” will process a confirmed transaction or sale.
“Pre-authorize” will place a temporary hold on your customer’s credit card that can be captured partially or in full in the future based on a projected sale amount. For example, a hotel or car rental company can hold a deposit for a rental.

I’m a Corporate Service customer (AMEX). Can I send my invoices to you, or do I need to upload them?

You will need to send invoices by email to finance@peloton-technologies.com. In the future, you’ll have the ability to sync your Peloton account with accounting software such as Quickbooks Online and Xero!

Funds Transfers, Payments and Bank Accounts

Why should I add a bank account?

Adding a bank account will allow you to transfer funds to or from your Peloton Account. Without a bank account you will not be able to fund your Peloton Account or send payments to your suppliers/contractors or employees.

Can I download a monthly statement?

Yes! This is a new feature in the Peloton Portal.

Can I process funds transfers and make payments to suppliers?

Yes, in the Funds Transfer menu. Be sure the Supplier has been added to the system first.

Can I process a pre-authorized debit on my customer’s bank account?

Yes, as long as you have the necessary information on hand.

Can I schedule a transaction or payment?

Yes! The Peloton Portal includes the ability to schedule EFTs (Electronic Funds Transfers) and credit card payments (Card Transfers) in advance. These may be one-time payments or recurring payments.