A New Approach to Partnership Programs in the Payments Industry

Learning from traditional partnership programs in the payments industry, Peloton has established its own improved model with an emphasis on positive long-term relationships. VICTORIA, January 19, 2022 – Peloton Technologies Inc. is announcing the launch of its partnership program. This announcement comes after extensive work ensuring the model would help forge strong, mutually beneficial partnerships leveragingContinue reading “A New Approach to Partnership Programs in the Payments Industry”

Why We Chose Equity Crowdfunding

What is equity crowdfunding? We’ve all seen the power of crowdfunding in its various forms work for numerous successful projects, companies, and more. The premise of crowdfunding is the same across the board: rather than seek out a single large sum, numerous people (i.e. the crowd) contribute smaller amounts. In some forms of crowdfunding, investorsContinue reading “Why We Chose Equity Crowdfunding”