A New Approach to Partnership Programs in the Payments Industry

Learning from traditional partnership programs in the payments industry, Peloton has established its own improved model with an emphasis on positive long-term relationships.

VICTORIA, January 19, 2022 – Peloton Technologies Inc. is announcing the launch of its partnership program. This announcement comes after extensive work ensuring the model would help forge strong, mutually beneficial partnerships leveraging the full power of Peloton’s revolutionary payments platform. 

“We built a partnership program based on proven, well-established models. We then extended it based on the advanced capabilities of our platform. It’s important to us to build and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships, supporting the growth of partners at all levels.” – Craig Attiwill, CEO, Peloton Technologies

Traditional partnership programs can eventually feel confining and complicated for anyone to effectively maintain. By reducing quotas and increasing revenue lifespan, and with a few other proprietary tweaks, in the Peloton model all parties come out ahead, and for longer. Being a part of the network allows partners to rapidly scale. The backbone of the network was established leveraging extensive industry experience with highly successful partnership models.

Working with Peloton, partners are able to offer a branded solution that allows them to own their client relationships and provide them with an expanded set of services that generate additional streams of revenue.

Peloton’s initial partnership at the ISO level was with KIS Payments:

For partners like KIS, Peloton has filled a major gap in the market for merchants and is a leader in complete solutions that provide ease of use, affordability, both online and instore. KIS Payments was voted Best General Payment Processor by Merchant Maverick and they attribute this to working with innovative companies like Peloton.

“When you recognize what Peloton represents to you as an ISO and what you can provide, it should be a no-brainer. There is no question that a relationship with Peloton will lead to additional opportunities. When you can bundle it all together without having to build it yourself, it’s simple, easy, and profitable. I can’t imagine another ISO seeing what they do and not being excited about it.” – Rob Larsen, COO, KIS Payments

About KIS Payments

KIS Payments has been focused on providing education to Canadian Merchants on Payment Processing and have been working on partnering with companies that offer transparency, support and great technology. For more information, visit www.kispayments.com.

About Peloton

At Peloton Technologies, the mission is to make all payments simple and efficient. Providing our partners and financial institutions with the tools to revolutionize the payment experience. Organizations should be free to spend more time on what they set out to do and less time handling payments. Through 10 years of R&D and real-world application, Peloton Technologies is the leading FinTech providing local businesses with access to the global market. For more information visit www.peloton-technologies.com.