Payments in

Payments out

All in one place.

Virtual terminal

Process transactions directly in the online merchant portal for card and bank accounts

Bill payments (CCIN)

Make your payments to utilities, government entities, and more

Card & bank vault

Securely store and tokenize card details and keep banking information for your vendors, suppliers, employees on hand to speed up future transactions

Receipt automation

Generate and send receipts when creating transactions in a few simple steps

Self-serve currency exchange

Save yourself time and money and reduce trips to the bank. Handle your currency exchange needs with super competitive rates


Manage your payroll with familiar intuitive interfaces in the same platform as your payments to suppliers, vendors, etc.

Scheduled & recurring payments

Create scheduled card transactions or bank transfers on a one-off or recurring basis

Payment links

Send secure payment links directly to your vendors and suppliers to efficiently accept credit card payments

Import & export payment data

Import and export payment data from your ERP or accounting system to streamline payment processing


Out of the box eStore solution with integrated payments through Ecwid by Lightspeed

Unified reporting & reconciliation

View all your payments in one place. Search and filter on all transactions in real-time

Accounting integrations

Connect your Quickbooks or Xero accounts and handle accounting tasks in the same platform as the rest of your payments


Generate reports to see upcoming payments and create accurate cashflow predictions

Clover Mini

A compact countertop POS that has all the essentials without taking up valuable real estate.

Clover Flex

A handheld POS terminal optimized for mobile payments.

Clover Station Solo

A POS designed specifically to help restaurants manage orders, print bills, track sales, and more.

Clover Station Duo

A full-service POS that centralizes management tasks and has the speed you need to best serve your customers.

Works with any bank

Ready for the last payments solution you’ll ever need?