Maximize Rewards while Running your Business

Leverage your corporate card to extend your cash float, reduce the time it takes to pay your vendors, and save on corporate travel while paying your suppliers, rent, payroll, and taxes.

Amex Corporate Services

Every invoice you pay becomes a source of value for your business. Vendor credit card acceptance is not an issue; your vendors get paid the same way as always. Paying your suppliers, rent, payroll, taxes, and others with Amex is a reality – and you earn value for every dollar spent.

How it works

  1. Set up your Peloton Account
  2. Submit your corporate American Express credit details to our PCI Compliant payments platform
  3. Each month, provide your vendors’ invoice details to Peloton (amount payable, due date)
  4. Peloton will process a charge to your American Express credit card and then disburse the funds to your vendors, ensuring each is paid on time.


  • Earn rewards for paying your bills
  • Extend your cash flow by up to 90 days
  • Increase corporate tax savings
  • Simple and easy with the Peloton platform
  • Utilize Peloton’s secure and reliable payments platform to streamline your business in other ways

Looking for flexibility?

Need a variety of payment options? A single Peloton Account can utilize your Amex credit card, Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs), currency exchange and wire transfers. Future support is scheduled for bill payment, Interac in-app, and in-browser debit and digital currencies.

Your Peloton Account is your virtual wallet. It offers limitless flexibility in combining funding sources and making payments. For example:

  • One Amex charge to pay multiple suppliers
  • A combination of an Amex charge, Peloton Account balance, and EFT can be used to pay one supplier
  • Large invoice to pay? Utilize two (or more) Amex cards to pay the full amount

Peloton makes it simple to transfer funds between organizations, make payments to your suppliers, deposit and withdraw funds from your financial institutions.