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Since 2010, Peloton Technologies has been providing solutions to streamline financial operations and make payments simple and efficient; giving freedom for organizations to spend more time on what they set out to do and less time handling payments. Peloton brings small and medium-sized enterprises financial transaction management capabilities traditionally reserved for larger, more complex organizations.


Peloton Technologies is founded by no-nonsense highly strategic problem solvers.

“How do you split a card transaction four ways?”

…was the question that started it all.

The founders had the drive to solve challenges with technology, a thirst to understand and ultimately challenge the unaccommodating payments industry. With engineering, development, and data architecture experience behind them, Peloton was born.

Through over 10 years of R&D and real-world application, Peloton Technologies, Inc is the FinTech with both the people and technology platform to solve every payment scenario.

 “There has to be a better way.”


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