CEO Craig Attiwill represents Candian FinTechs payments sector at Singapore FinTech Festival

Toronto Financial International (TFI) hosts its inaugural Canadian delegation to Singapore.

VICTORIA November 11, 2019 – Toronto Finance International is hosting its inaugural FinTech mission to Singapore. Canada’s FinTech ecosystem is thriving, and growth in investment is allowing Canadian FinTechs to scale and compete on the global stage. The Singapore FinTech Festival offers the perfect venue to showcase our delegation and provide an introduction to global financial institutions in the region. Canada is home to North America’s 2nd largest financial centre and 3rd largest technology cluster, creating a high-class pool of financial services and technology talent and a vibrant hub for FinTech. With globally-recognized financial institutions and a robust, innovative fintech ecosystem, Canada’s FinTechs are well-positioned to compete on a global scale.

“Globally and locally, the financial transaction landscape is complex, fractured, siloed, slow to respond, expensive to operate and has limited connectivity,” says Craig Attiwill, CEO of Peloton. “Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the need to utilize a cloud-based platform to efficiently manage their financial transactions. Peloton provides a platform enabling back office administration staff control over their financial data and real-time visibility for executives to make key operational decisions.”

TFIs respective financial centres attract people from around the world who come to study, work and build businesses. The scale and competitiveness of their financial sectors and the diversity of talent pools set the stage for opportunities for collaboration and partnership between our innovation ecosystems. Canada’s world-class pool of talent and fast-growing innovation ecosystem is a “must-see” at this year’s Singapore FinTech Festival.

About Peloton Technologies

Since 2010, Peloton Technologies has been providing solutions to streamline financial operations and make managing money easier. Their scalable and secure SaaS platform brings small and medium-sized businesses financial transaction management capabilities traditionally reserved for larger, more complex organizations. To date, the Peloton Technologies SaaS offering alone has processed more than 1 billion dollars. For more information, visit

Source: TFI,, November 2019