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How to Send a Payment Link

Payment Links are an easy, secure and convenient way for your vendors or suppliers to make credit card payments directly to you. 

  • A payment link is a URL that takes customers directly to a unique checkout page to complete a purchase
  • Payment links can be created quickly and easily from the Peloton Portal

Step 1)

Click +Add to start the process of creating a unique payment link 

Step 2)

Fill out the fields: 

  • Enter the Order Number 
  • Fill out where you want the funds to settle 
  • Add the Payment Amount 
  • Set Expiry Date 
  • Add a Reference (optional)
  • Upload an Invoice (optional)

Click  Save Payment Method to save the credit card into the Card Vault 

Click Save & Return

Step 3)

Payment Link is now generated successfully as a URL and ready to be sent 

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