Why are you still using cheques?

For over 300 years, cheques have been the status quo for businesses (Really! The first cheque was written in 1659!). The world has evolved, and paying with physical cheques has become an outdated payments practice weighing down businesses with hidden costs. And still, Payments Canada stated that "Canadians still use close to a billion cheques each year."

Luckily as of 2019, this trend is decreasing. We’ve dropped to 42% of businesses still using cheques. Maybe you are one of them?

Here are the costs of a cheque. Each cheque costs Canadian businesses anywhere between an estimated $9 - $25, the average being $15 per cheque. Here’s a nice chart

Source: Preliminary social cost estimate for Canada - Table A2.3

How long have you waited for a signature? How many couriers have you arranged to deliver your cheques back and forth? How much is the cost when a vendor doesn’t receive your deposit check and in turn, you don’t receive your goods? How much longer are the socially distanced wait times at the bank to deposit those cheques?

I’m sure if you do the math around everything you do and go through for a cheque; chances are, it’s more than $15 of effort and stress.

What’s stopping you?

If you have done the math and you know how much a cheque costs you, it could be the devil you know. Since the pandemic, how much has it cost you not to change?

Businesses are converting to digital means, and we want to help you make the change. We think our Peloton Portal can help you.

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Published: March 15, 2021