Seamless workflow with QuickBooks Online

No more jumping back and forth between tools and accounts. Connect QuickBooks to the Peloton Portal and handle your AR/AP in one streamlined solution.

Manage all payments through one unified platform.

All payment methods

We give you the widest range of payment methods at your fingertips and are adding more all the time. We support EFT / ACH, all major cards, cross-border and international payment methods with foreign exchange. 

Save time

Control your day and never forget to process a payment again with the ability to schedule recurring transactions or pre-set single payments. The Peloton Portal makes setting up payments easy so you can take back your time and focus on the rest of your business.

Less clicks

You wouldn’t be looking for a payments app to integrate with QuickBooks if you didn’t understand this pain. Every invoice & bill will be there with a single click. For bookkeepers and accountants, you only need one login to manage all your clients’ payment needs. 

Ownership and Control

A platform made for team collaboration with granular controls and permissions on each user and each account’s deposit and withdrawal limits. Even add process and signing authority for free, with auditable digital multi-party approvals. 

How The Peloton Portal Works With QuickBooks

Connecting your accounts is easy and intuitive.

  1. Sync Bill & Invoices into Peloton
  2. Use your stored vaults to quickly Make or Match Payments
  3. Peloton notifies your contact
  4. Peloton reconciles your records in QuickBooks

The Benefits of Integrating with QuickBooks

For Owners & CEO’s
  • Use any of Pelotons payment methods
  • Store and search all digital records
  • Secure vaults for safe credit card and bank account storage
For Bookkeepers
  • Make batch payments
  • Automatic Account Reconciliation
  • Manage one or multiple clients with a single login
  • Quick matching to pre-auth & scheduled payments

Get started:

About QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a leading cloud accounting software system developed by Intuit. With millions of users worldwide, they provide users and customers with software to run their small business accounting. By connecting Peloton and QuickBooks, you’ll be able to fully automate and streamline your workflow to get back to doing everything else on your list.