Local Victoria-based fintech company, Peloton, brings on Jamie Bates to pursue uncharted fintech goldmine.

Fintechs have squandered untold millions with hopes to unlock an agnostic platform to give them ownership of their clients – Peloton has quietly already built it.

VICTORIA, February 17, 2021 – Peloton Technologies, with the help of Jamie Bates, is realizing their agnostic platform is ready to solve a long-sought-after solution dreamt of by larger financial organizations like ISOs, acquirers, and gateways to untether themselves from historic constraints.

To date, the 11-year-old financial technology company (fintech) has been chiselling away, solving one complicated financial hurdle after another. Their recent focus has been on their Peloton Portal, focusing on SMEs often overlooked and undervalued by the payments industry landscape. Craig Attiwill, and the rest of the Peloton executive team shared a long-term vision for their platform to simplify Business Banking. With the introduction of Bates and his breadth of global partnership experiences, Peloton is speeding up the timetable considerably.

“The moment I came on-board and saw what this platform could do, I immediately identified other opportunities,” says Bates, newly appointed SVP of Sales and Partnerships. “Peloton’s amazing team has built a platform that is acquirer, bank, gateway, and software agnostic, meaning merchants can truly own their financial transactional data allowing them to have complete control over their business. Peloton has cracked some of the major challenges I’ve seen faced, time and time again, by ISOs, gateways, and other financial institutions. Our platform levels the playing field for SMEs against the big box stores.”

Bates has already started partnering with financial institutions, including cross-border payments giant Geoswift. “My goal is to bring alternative payment providers, including Alipay, UnionPay, and WeChat Pay to Canadian small businesses opening merchants to the Asia-Pacific region with China, which accounts for over 62% of all digital sales – $2.4 trillion compared to $749 billion in North America.”

Bates already has a proven track record, creating Partner programs that have brought on hundreds of significant partners and opportunities for many organizations, including another local Victoria-based company Beanstream, which was acquired by Bambora, now Wordline Global.

About Geoswift

Geoswift is an innovative, globalized, payment technology company connecting each region, with a distinct niche in Chinese monetary policy. Comprised of the world’s leading payment technology experts, Geoswift has a deep understanding of international relations, industry, technology, and policy requirements to provide customers with customized one-stop cross-border payment solutions. As a leading fintech company relied upon by the world’s largest e-commerce companies, most prestigious universities, and the largest brands in the travel industry to grow their businesses, Geoswift’s mission is to provide intelligent, frictionless, and fully compliant cross-border solutions to businesses of every size.

As an acquirer of UnionPay International in North America, Discover, and a long-term partner of many other leading financial institutions, Geoswift runs several currency exchange stores throughout China and is steadily expanding region to region. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Geoswift has centralized offices in Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore, and London for global strategic and regulatory functions.

For more information, please visit: www.geoswift.com or send your queries to info@geoswift.com. WeChat account for the latest corporate updates and promotions:

About Peloton Technologies

Since 2010, Peloton Technologies has been providing solutions to streamline financial operations and make managing money easier. Their scalable and secure SaaS platform brings small and medium-sized businesses financial transaction management capabilities traditionally reserved for larger, more complex organizations. To date, the Peloton Technologies SaaS offering alone has processed more than 1 billion dollars. For more information, visit peloton-technologies.com.

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