Think Payments First: Part V

Be proactive with your payments There are all sorts of problems you’ll face running your new business. Questions you never thought you would need answers for. How you go about finding solutions is some of the fun (though let’s be honest, sometimes it doesn’t feel like fun) When it comes to payments, sometimes the reactionaryContinue reading “Think Payments First: Part V”

Think Payments First: Part II

Planning payments first At the beginning of building your business, you’re going to be making a lot of plans. It’s easy to get swept up with exciting details. While you’re thinking about those details, Here’s our PSA: Think payments first, then think about the rest. Your initial business plan and market research have some heavyContinue reading “Think Payments First: Part II”

Why are you still using cheques?

For over 300 years, cheques have been the status quo for businesses (Really! The first cheque was written in 1659!). The world has evolved, and paying with physical cheques has become an outdated payments practice weighing down businesses with hidden costs. And still, Payments Canada stated that “Canadians still use close to a billion chequesContinue reading “Why are you still using cheques?”