Payment Solution

The Peloton Electronic Payment Processing Solution is the most flexible system on the market. Engineered to meet the needs of your Organization by addressing complex business scenarios via the right implementation of technology. Whether you are an individual merchant with basic processing needs or an Organization that requires a complete internal solution, Peloton has the solution and expertise.

Built to address complex scenarios, our solution supports Credit Card Processing, Payment Aggregation, Transaction Splitting and Electronic Funds Transfer. The My Account portal provides a streamlined and intuitive user experience which puts control at your fingertips. Advanced integration is provided via our secure Application Programming Interfaces (API). Architected to be straightforward and intuitive our API's enable your business to move to new levels of efficiency.

My Account

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Payment Aggregation

Payment Aggregation means to group your payments together and consider them as a whole. This is different from the current industry Payments Service Provider (PSP) model. We consider your Organization and Sub-Organizations / Business Partners as a whole and provide easy on boarding to a payments system, significantly reducing the lengthy and complicated merchant account application process and costs.

Our aggregated solution makes is simple to transfer funds between organizations, receive payments from your service providers, and deposit and withdraw funds from your financial institutions.

Payment Aggregation Diagram

Transaction Splitting

Transaction Splitting can be applied to a purchase as a separate process facilitating the movement of funds to other Peloton Accounts. Transaction Splitting can be applied as a percentage or a fixed amount. There is no practical limit to the number of organizations that can receive funds from a split transaction.

Transaction Splitting together with Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) and Peloton Account Transfers provide your organization with all the tools to support your complex business needs, in any configuration. The flexibilty of our solution allows for disbursement of funds in any direction in multiple ways.

Top Down Approach

The top down approach is where a central or national organization processes all credit card payments. Payments are split down to the sub organizations or businesses that fulfill the product or services associated with that purchase.

Bottom Up Approach

The bottom up approach is where an organization processes credit card payments and has a requirement to disburse funds upwards to one or more governing or accrediting organization(s).

Electronic Funds Transfers

Money is transferred from your Peloton Account to your Organization’s Bank Accounts through the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) network. EFT is also referred to as Pre Authorized Debit or Credit and is the mechanism through which you can manage where your money is to be transferred into or out of your Peloton Account. The EFT can be automated to occur on a regular schedule or initiated by an authorized user on your Peloton Account.

My Account enables you to link multiple Bank Accounts including yours and your customers. The API's provide integration services which enable you to automate or integrate EFT functionality into your own applications.

Consulting Services

The Peloton team is well versed in the latest technologies and payment industry standards. We can consult on your application development and on the integration of payment processing into your system. If you require an end to end solution, custom payment forms, API integration or strategic management consulting, Peloton has the knowledge and expertise to assist.

Our experts will understand your specific business requirements and help you achieve a successful cost effective result to payment processing within your organization.

For more information on our consulting services please email us at: